We are a profit for purpose social enterprise.
  • We provide the technology
  • Our volunteer speakers provide one hour of their time
  • Our clients – the sponsors – provide the revenue we need to operate and make this initiative sustainable.

The fees we charge our clients allow us to build the technology platform that makes Ambisie run.

It allows us to:

  • Place people in schools and onboard the schools
  • Facilitate necessary compliance checks on storytellers
  • Create impact dashboards for speaker, school and sponsor
  • Measure and track the impact on the next generation
  • Online storytelling resources
  • Training modules on how to share your story effectively

We want to make inspiration accessible for every student and every place of education across the globe, not just those that can afford it.

Every student deserves the right to get access to amazing people to help inspire them to find their career path.

With your help, Ambisie will make this change happen.

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