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You're not alone. Learn from the path of others.

Watch stories from real-people who started off just like you.

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Fears, exam pressure and the changing world of work are just some of the challenges you face when choosing a career path.

Its taking an average of 4.7 years to get a full-time job after leaving education, 60% of you are currently studying for jobs that may not exist in a few years, and 84% of you are not following your passions.

Schools and universities are struggling to provide the resources you need to support you to find your passion and find a career you love.

So, Ambisie is doing something about it.

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A community of powerful and inspiring stories at your fingertips.

Ambisie is building a video library of inspirational stories told by global entrepreneurs, business leaders, and inspirational people, to give you access to discover career paths, get tips to uncover your passions and build confidence to follow your dreams.

Each story is aimed at sharing advice about the pivotal times in your life, from the age of 13 up to the age you leave school or university to enter the workforce.

Thousands of successful people from all different careers and walks of life share their advice, to overcome obstacles, help you make decisions, and give you tips on how to enter the workforce and be successful doing something you love.

Imagine having access to real-life stories, mentors, advice, motivation and inspiration every month. Try Ambisie for free.

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Listen to Christina's story on how the power of one story can change the way a student thinks about their career and life.

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A film for students, teachers and parents that talks about how to overcome fear, exam pressure and career decisions shared by real-people who struggled and now are taking on the world.

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