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What is Ambisie?

Ambisie is a community of storytellers who share their journey (via video or in person) with the next generation.

Stories are structured in a way to help open the viewers minds to how the storyteller navigated their way through life, found their passion and discovered their purpose in the world. It exposes journeys to careers they'd never heard of or even thought were available.

These stories aim to help the viewer feel more at ease with the process of finding their passion and purpose, as well as dealing with change and career discovery.

Inspiration will filter into the minds of the viewer as they learn from story tellers who started out with a dream, had the motivation to set goals, faced challenges and embraced the adventure which led them to where they are today.


Sheryl Thai

Sheryl Thai started her career in the IT&T industry. During the economic downturn her IT Consultant role was made redundant and as a result she sought out to achieve her dream of owning her own cupcake business and left the IT industry to do so. Starting modestly in September 2009, she started her online cupcake business and baked at home with little capital. The business started to flourish as name of “Cupcake Central” spread through word of mouth and orders starting flowing through.

A film for students, teachers and parents that talks about how to overcome fear, exam pressure and career decisions shared by real-people who struggled and now are taking on the world.

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